When I was first starting the whole process of finding applying to colleges, I was blessed enough to attend one of the best charter schools in the country, with several great teachers and a CAP Advisor that put so much time and effort into helping us figure out what we were going to do with our futures. I know not everyone is so lucky to have access to the same sort of people or resources, so here’s a long masterpost of many useful links and lots of great information you can use. If you ever want advice or to talk about college, feel free to message me!

Guides and Articles to Help Decision Making and Overall Process
For first-generation college students
For finding colleges and scholarships (A MUST CLICK FOR ALL)
Questions to ask yourself when deciding your major
Should you double major?
Is studying abroad right for you?
For High School Students
Check out fee waivers for AP testing AND the SATs
How do things change from high school to the real world?
11 college tips they won’t tell you in school
9 myths about college life that aren’t necessarily true
10 common mistakes made by college freshmen
15 tips on conquering your college freshmen fears
For Students in Florida
MDC is a great+cheap place to start your college education
Even better if you can apply and study in their Honors College
Attending MDC? See if you can be an American Dream Scholar
Check your eligibility for Bright Futures Scholarship
For College Students
How to pass a college class
What to do if you failed a class
10 college mistakes to avoid
A student’s guide to surviving college finals
A guide to surviving living on campus and having roommates
What is the GED test?
What is on the test?
Free online GED  prep course
Sample GED test questions
Free practice GED test
Multiple free GED practice exams by 4Tests
What is the SAT?
When to take the test
Register for the SAT (Ask your school for waivers if you can)
Official SAT Question of the Day
Official SAT practice questions
Help donate rice to the hungry by answering practice questions
5 sources for free SAT Prep
ACT Test 101
Official ACT test prep
ACT Question of the Day
ACT practice questions and sample writing prompts
Free ACT practice exam by 4Tests
7 sources for free ACT practice
21 strategies to improve your ACT score
What is the TOEFL?
Here’s a free TOEFL practice exam
Free TOEFL practice exam by 4Tests
Financial Aid
College financial aid terms defined
What can I use the financial aid office for?
Common financial aid myths
Important college financial aid deadlines
FAFSA deadlines by State
10 tips for getting the most out of college financial aid
Apply for Federal Student Aid (Which you NEVER have to pay for)
Paying for college with grants
The ins and outs of scholarships
Scholarship for women/POC studying to work in video games
Student Loans
Student Loans 101
Federal Student Aid - What you need to know about loans
8 tips for taking out student loans
Volunteer for the community and get help paying off your loans
Saving, Managing, and Making Money
Buying/renting textbooks/learning materials at really cheap prices
35 discounts your student ID could get you
5 way to relax for under $5
Managing and saving money in college
5 ways to track your college expenses
20 different ways to make money in college
You can travel cheaper as a student
Youth and student discount cards
Scheduling Courses
4 tips for creating the perfect class schedule
Do research on the professors of the classes you want to take
Tips for Using the Rate My Professor Website
High-Quality Studying+Productivity Resources (FOR FREE!)
Free lecture notes, textbooks, exams, and videos from MIT
Khan Academy - Free for everyone, everywhere, about everything
Take your notes and flashcards with you everywhere you go
Help donate rice to the hungry by studying any of these subjects
6 free online courses that can improve your life
25 apps college students shouldn’t live without
10 study tips to improve your learning
23 science-backed study tips
Intense study tips
Improve your studying skills
How to get motivated to study
Google smarter
Getting even more out of Google
Project Gutenberg offers over 45,000 free eBooks
Writing Essays + Papers
The 5 best free word processors
Writing resources to use use general
When you’re not sure where to capitalize in a title
Help in building your works cited
For when you need even more help making citations
For when the word you want is on the tip of your tongue
Use Google Scholar for finding credible sources + info
Alternatives to the word “said”
Common errors in English usage
Common English grammar errors to avoid
The importance of the oxford comma
Other Helpful Resources
How To: Become An Adult
Really long and great masterpost that I use all the time
Good advice for submitting art school portfolios
Musical Theatre Auditions Masterpost
A Self Help Masterpost of Masterposts
Recovery resources
Contraceptives Masterpost
Essential Productivity Apps for any student
How to keep your laptop in tip-top shape


im tired of school i wanna quit but its for my future. tough life.

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it’s getting to that point in the school year where even copying someone’s homework is too much to handle

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it’s 2.30 am time to get started on homework

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